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Dr. Michael Yeadon – on Covid19 / Lockdowns / PCR testing -Interview

With 32+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries (16 of which as Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer with 6 of those as VP / CSO Respiratory Research Head at Pfizer Global), Dr. Yeadon discusses the disastrous response the UK government has taken regarding coronavirus, failures with testing, the science behind infection, and the way out of the pandemic.

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Mask Facts

Summation of actual data (the science) regarding mask efficacy from a number of Randomized Controlled Trials.

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The Deadly Impact of Lockdown

Normies might scoff at the masking comments at the beginning… you are encouraged to suffer through to the real meat of the episode. The impact of lockdowns and the Pfizer efficacy / safety trials are not to be missed.

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