Tuberculosis and Covid 19 deaths

Tuberculosis vs. Covid-19 : WTF?

In 2019 1.4 million people died from TB, and you had no idea. In 2020 1.4 million died from COVID-19 (a majority of which had at least 2.6 comorbidities, AKA other fatal health conditions) and we see western civilization being torn to shreds.

      A majority of TB deaths occur in the 3rd world, and the first world doesn’t bat an eye. What the actual fuck is going on here?*
Oh, I think we can answer that: the fear mongering / war profiteering / pharma sponsored / intelligence community mouthpiece known as the corporate mainstream media and the tyrannical political puppets are shoving this pandemic down our throats. The incessant barrage of fear has helped turn this coronavirus into a very effective tool to reshape society.  This TB stat alone makes it crystal clear to us at HK that something nefarious is happening, and unfortunately the propaganda of fear has dangerously captured the minds of many otherwise rational and critical thinkers and blinded them to this crystal clarity.

      Between the massive PCR test false positives, the global historical mortality rates remaining unchanged despite covid19, with the lockdowns grinding the 99.9 percent into deeper poverty, homelessness, ODs and suicide, seeing the incredible transfer of wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands, the bio-security state assembling around us, the tech giants censoring any voices that challenge or question the approved narrative, the suppression of HCQ efficacy data for early treatment,  and the upcoming experimental mRNA rollout: in our humble opinion, this is all nothing short of  absolute madness. 1.4 million dead from TB, and it doesn’t make a ripple in western news media. Covid is a highly effective social engineering tool. The Great Reset with its’ vaccine bio-security tyrannical agenda is real. Humanity is under attack, not from a planet killing virus, but by sociopaths who want to OWN IT ALL.

*We could speak at length about the deaths of our darker toned brothers and sisters in “third world” nations being largely ignored by the western media, but for now we’ll put a pin in it, with plans to circle back when we see the targeted vaccine push.

-Note: we understand corona viruses can be deadly, and we know people that have  been tragically taken from us. We also know that tyrannies capitalize on fear.

source: WHO Covid

source: WHO TB

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