"These data analyses suggest that in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States."

This shit is dead serious. People need to understand the trajectory, and the catastrophic effects that are currently shredding society. Corbett is rightfully pissed. "If you are advocating for lockdowns, you are complicit in tearing families apart. You are complicit in inflicting untold suffering on millions of people around the world. You are complicit in casting the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies into even further grinding poverty. You are complicit in murder."

Sharp 2 part breakdown by Dr. Roger Hodkinson. Pulls no punches and calls it as he sees it, speaking truth to power.

With 32+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries (16 of which as Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer with 6 of those as VP / CSO Respiratory Research Head at Pfizer Global), Dr. Yeadon discusses the disastrous response the UK government has taken regarding coronavirus, failures with testing, the science behind infection, and the way out of the pandemic.

Obesity is single highest risk factor in COVID-19 mortality – “That’s extremely alarming in terms of its medical implications”

Pfizer’s long history of scandals, and the fact that they have never been held to account for their crimes, continues to be ignored by the media, even as its experimental mRNA vaccine candidate for Covid-19 draws ever closer to US government approval.

Reason for raid rumored to be doctor’s anti-lockdown activity.

More random control trials showing masks do little or nothing to lower the infection rate.

Summation of actual data (the science) regarding mask efficacy from a number of Randomized Controlled Trials.

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