Revolver News exclusive study on the collateral damage of lockdowns.

Good breakdown of "The Great Reset". What it is, who's behind it, how it's being implemented. Deeply concerning.

Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity breaks down effective therapeutics for covid-19.

Normies might scoff at the masking comments at the beginning… you are encouraged to suffer through to the real meat of the episode. The impact of lockdowns and the Pfizer efficacy / safety trials are not to be missed.

Boris Johnson intends to use Britain’s presidency of G7 in 2021 to implement Gates Foundation’s “global approach” to “health security”

“The Great Reset is about maintaining and empowering a corporate extraction machine and the private ownership of life.” — Vandana Shiva

Interesting Corbet Report video on the transformation of the post 9-11 security / surveillance state to the emerging Covid-19 biosecurity “new normal” prison state.

Article by Witney Webb about the oncoming pro-vaccine media propaganda and the intelligence forces being used to censor and de-platforming voices concerned with vaccine safety and efficacy.

Bio-security / medical tyranny police state assembling around us for a virus with 99.7%* survival rate. * (your age demographic and user experience may vary)

Current Reading List

Oneness vs. the 1%

Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom Vandana Shiva

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Medical Apartheid

The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present. By Harriet A. Washington

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A Higher Form of Killing

The Secret History of Chemical and Biological Warfare. By Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman

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Blank Spots on the Map

The Dark Geography of the Pentagon's Secret World. By Trevor Paglen

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America: The Farewell Tour

By Chris Hedges

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Crossing the Rubicon

The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. By Michael C. Ruppert

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Endgame, Volume 1

The Problem of Civilization By Derrick Jensen

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