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Social Credit Score Deep Dive: The Chinese Dystopian Nightmare Heads West

If you don’t think this is coming to the US and the rest of western civilization, you either have brain worms or your living in Narnia.

      If you have taken the time to read through or watch a chunk of the posts on this site thus far, it is clear that covid-19 is being used as a tool to reshape society. Wealth and power are being concentrated in increasingly fewer hands. Lockdowns are crushing the earning capacity of the 99%, expanding the number of citizens in debt and dependent on handouts from the government. The pandemic has been an effective tool and soon we’ll see the rollout of a Chinese style social credit system. We are already seeing parts of this mentioned in the corporate media. CBDC (central bank digital currency), no vax no travel declarations, covid “immunity” passports, it’s all happening and soon a prison will be built from which there will literally be no escape.

      China has adopted a Big Brother-style country-wide people tracking system, not just simple surveillance cameras, but on a whole new level, with facial recognition and gait tracking AI so smart it’s nearly impossible to defeat.
The government records your credit history, fulfillment capacity, identity characteristics, social relationships, behavior and preferences, and based on your choices they will give you a social score from 350 to 950. If you fall into the ‘good citizen’ category with a score of more than 700, you’ll get better loan rates, you can skip queues, rent things without a deposit and even get better matches on dating sites. If you fall into the ‘bad’ category with lower scores you may be restricted from well-paying jobs, your kids will not be able to go to a good school and not only you’ll be banned from buying domestic flight tickets but also leaving the country.
We must resist this now, once this system is assembled, non-violent resistance will be impossible and humanity will forever be transformed into a dystopian science fiction nightmare as prophetically illustrated in 1984 or more recently the Black Mirror Episode “Nosedive”.

Below is a collection I believe well illustrates the threat facing free societies.


“Everyone thinks of China’s social credit system as some sort of Black Mirror episode, while others compare it the the FICO score in the USA. It’s much, much more than that. In fact, I found the documents that highlight how it works, and how it affects the people of China. Not only that, but I have spent a lot of time in the first city it was implemented.”

source: laowhy86



social credit infographic

bk mir episode

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